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Creating Player Sprite in Game Maker Studio 2

Tutorial 2 – Creating Player Sprite in Game Maker Studio 2

In Game Maker Studio 2 – go to the Resources area on the right of your screen:

  1. Right click on Sprites and click Create Sprite or you can click on Resources menu at the top of Game Maker studio.
  2. Make sure you name your sprites correctly – always prefix your sprites with the letter spr
  3. Name your first sprite sprPlayer
Importing a sprite into GameMaker Studio 2

Importing your sprite

In the sprite window:

  1. Click the Import button
  2. Browse to where you have saved your player sprite GIF file
  3. Click Open and it should import each frame of your animated GIF

Set the sprite origin to centre

You want to reference the centre point of your sprite as the origin point for all of your x and y code co-ordinates.

To do this change Top Left to Middle Centre. If you have a 64×64 size sprite, the Origin will change to 32×32

There are some player spaceship sprites in the following ZIP file:

Download 2 Spaceshooter Assets

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